Mrs Conner – Head Teacher

At Insch School we celebrate
diversity and inspire all our
young learners to reach for
the stars and achieve their
very best. We strive to create
an inclusive and nurturing
learning community. Quality
learning and teaching is the
heart of all that we do.
Our Core Values of Aiming
High, Showing Respect,
Valuing our Community and
Being Safe are central to
everything we do at Insch.
We work hard as a school
community to fulfil these

The decisions we make as a school are based on our children’s health,
welfare and progress. Children are central to everything we do.
During your child’s stay with us, it is our wish that your child is happy and
successful. we aim to foster in our pupils a positive attitude to learning and
respect for themselves, others and the environment. This will support our
children to achieve all that they can in being successful and confident
lifelong learners and helping them to be active and responsible citizens in
their community. We aim to encourage pupils to reach for the stars and be
the best they can be.
A strong partnership with parents is central to supporting our children’s
progress and we would wish you to be actively involved in our school
through the various events and activities that occur throughout the school
year. We look forward to meeting you and working with you at as many of
these as you can manage. Please get involved and play an active role in the
life of our school.
Be assured that no worry about your child is too small to share with us,
please do not hesitate to contact our school at any time and we will do all
that we can to help.

Kind regards,

Allison Conner
Head Teacher

Opening Times

School day begins:


Morning Interval:

10:30 – 10:45am


P1 – P7 12:15 – 1:15pm

School day ends:


Pre-school Class Hours:

Morning Sessions:

8:35 – 11:45am

Afternoon Sessions:

12:25 – 3:35pm

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