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Family Nurture – Aberdeenshire Council Family Nurture Resources

Our Vision and aim at Insch School is to celebrate diversity and inspire all our young learners to ‘Reach for the Stars’ and achieve their very best. We strive to create an inclusive and nurturing learning community.

As part of Aberdeenshire Council’s Educational Psychology Services ongoing focus on nurturing approaches, the Service has developed leaflets on key topics which contain tips and advice for parents and carers.  These will also be used in schools by our Practitioners in school and at a multi-agency level with partner stakeholders.

A loving, responsive, and safe parent/carer-child relationship is important for healthy development in childhood.  The topics selected aim to help build resilience, connection, and secure attachment.  The leaflets translate the research in these areas into simple, practical steps for parents and carers.

These leaflets are available for our families and staff to access to support our pupils by following the link below.  

Aberdeenshire Council Educational Psychology Services have also developed a 5-10 minute presentation, which can be used to promote the leaflets with staff groups, parent councils and via your usual communication channels. Click on following link to view this:


How does Insch School work with the Educational Psychology Services EPS?

Our school Educational Psychologist, Mrs Emma Brown, works with the school on a monthly basis. The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) manage this caseload, reviewing and revising individual learners and families on an ongoing basis. This is done in consultation with our teachers. We continually review progress by pupils. Invitations to parents to attend meetings with the school staff and EPS are issued throughout the year.

Sometimes, we offer Formal Consultation Reviews with the Education Psychologist,  if there is  a clear defined role for the EPS Service. Sometimes, School Reviews are held without EPS input when a longer than the usual 5/10 minute parents consultation on pupil progress is required between school staff and parents.

The nurture material provided above by Aberdeenshire Council EPS is very helpful and provides an excellent level of support to all our parents on a wide ranging number of issues. We recommend these resources to all our families.