Clubs by Classmates

At Insch School we promote a culture of leadership and responsibility within our pupils by putting children and young people at the heart of their learning, and supporting them to achieve their fullest potential. Clubs by Classmates allows children to take on leadership roles by allowing them to plan, prepare and run lunch time clubs for younger children. We have a huge variety of learning and activities, ranging from Design Club to Relaxation Club to Coding Club. It is wonderful to see the children so engaged and enthusiastic at this time, supporting younger children with stimulating and exciting learning.

“It’s good to get some responsibility and show off our leadership in school. When I am in Design Club helping other children, it is good to know that I have taught them a new skill. It is also good to interact with the younger children. Each week we try and take it in turns to come up with new ideas then adapt and extend them together.”

Kennedy Moir (P7 pupil)