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Insch school risk assesment – COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Control

Positive case of COVID

How to use Google Classroom

Parent Guide Home Learning

Parental agreement for Google Classroom

Remote Learning 

through Google Classrooms

Parent Guide Home Learning Contingency Plans Oct 2020  This document outlines what the school’s contingency plans are for Remote Learning should it be required.

Please use our Parent Guide for How to use Google Classroom attached.  See above

Whole classes self-isolating

Where whole classes are requested to isolate by the Test and Protect

team, schoolwork will be provided by the teaching staff using Google Classrooms. This has been trialled last week and after the expected initial difficulties in setting up and gaining access, this platform worked well for our older learners. Parents should expect an initial period of adjustment in getting used to the new online learning platform. Please note a full remote learning experience can be delivered only when teachers are delivering remote learning only. This is not possible when teachers are teaching face to face in school with their class as well.

For individuals in a class instructed to self-isolate

Teachers are this week setting up Emergency

Remote Learning Packs on Google Classrooms. This is to support situations when individual pupils in a class have been instructed to selfisolate. School will inform parents when and if this learning is to be accessed. Parents can also

access learning material from Education Scotland can also be to support learning at home. Activities focus on learning in literacy and English, numeracy and mathematics, health and wellbeing, crosscurricular learning and Gaelic Medium Education across levels within the broad general education.

Pupils choosing to self-isolate

Pupils who are choosing to isolate but have not been officially asked to by the NHS Test and Protect Team can access their normal class homework through Google Classroom. Staff are under no obligation to provide specific work for pupils choosing to isolate as per the directive from Mr Laurence Findlay, our Director of Education.

A General word …. Parents do now need to logon and check Google classroom 

The onus is now on parents to access their child’s Google Classroom by logging onto Glow regularly in order to keep up with teacher posts.

All pupils have been issued with a laminated card with log on details. Unlike, Seesaw notifications are not sent. This is an important difference.