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Anti Bullying Policy

Insch School has a 6-step approach to dealing with bullying behaviour. We work with parents as a team to ensure the
appropriate supports and strategies are put in place.

Mindfulness and Relaxation at Insch School

At Insch Primary School we have a daily 15 minute mindfulness and relaxation session. Please see link for more information including the benefits and resources.

Toileting Protocol

Information of when children will have the opportunity to use the toilet during the school day.

Home Lunch Procedure

Information on how home lunches are arranged at Insch Primary School. Please note school lunch times will vary due to the current Covid19 pandemic. Please contact the school office if you are unsure of your child’s current lunch times.

Additional Support Needs Policy

As the Insch School Vision states (see Appendix 1), the expectation is that: At Insch School we celebrate diversity and inspire all our young learners to reach for the stars and achieve their very best.

Child Protection Policy

Every child or young person has the right to be safe and protected from any avoidable situation or acts which might result in that child.

Guide to Medicine

It is the responsibility of class teachers to be aware of the medical needs in their class. The school administrator will pass on new medical needs to the class teacher as and when it arises. In the case of the Nursery, the Early Year’s Practitioner Lead is responsible for ensuring the Nursery staff are aware of the current medical needs.

Handwriting Policy

At Insch School, joined up handwriting is taught with a sequential and progressive approach. Children are introduced to this style from early years as it is considered to be the most natural development of children’s earliest attempts at writing.

Homework Policy

Aims of the Homework Policy to provide a clear definition of the purpose and nature of homework to establish the pattern and content of homework to ensure a consistent and progressive approach to homework across the school.

Learning and Teaching Policy

As the Insch School Vision states, the expectation is that: At Insch School we celebrate diversity and inspire all our young learners to reach for the stars and achieve their very best.

Raising Attainment Strategy

At Insch School we are determined to secure the highest possible academic and emotional, social wellbeing attainment for each and every pupil in our school.

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education Policy

As a Health Promoting School, Insch School promotes health in its widest sense. We consider the physical, social and emotional development of our pupils and staff. Relationships, sexual health and parenthood is one of the six areas with Health and Wellbeing learning with Curriculum for Excellence. All schools are required to provide and deliver this education in an objective, balanced and sensitive manner within a framework of sound values. We strive to do this at Insch School.

Website Policy

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors; this policy sets out how we will treat your personal information.